Seriously there is no need for people to be so ignorant and if I see you reblogging stuff that is offensive I am unfollowing, and if you think messaging me after is okay - it’s not.

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  • fetuses do not think
  • they do not “scream out” when they are aborted
  • they have no brain function and no nerve endings until long after the deadline for a legal abortion
  • they aren’t “sad” when you abort them
  • they do not “realize what is happening”

And these aren’t my beliefs, they’re scientific facts

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Working on my paper is hard on both of us.

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the best thing about having the house to myself is that I can make breakfast in my underwear


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  • Me: oh thats cute
  • Me: no its not






if i hear that song from Frozen one more time i might actually burst into flames

You just gotta let it go

wow thats so original did you think of it yourself

Ya you like it?

i bet you like memes

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